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What is the EI-Robot?

"Ei-Robot" is a diesel powered, open source, CAD/CAM/CNC art making machine. It will use plasma to cut crowd sourced designs into giant hollow steel spheres and look awesome doing it. The resulting orbs are lit from within to make an immersive garden of glowing sculptures.
Another cool part? Anyone can submit a design for one of the sculptures!


A motorized robot arm uses a hot plasma jet to cut a pattern into a huge hollow steel ball. The base is made from a shipping container and it contains and protects the power supply.


The main Robot will appear as a clockwork industrial apparatus. The working robot will be safely mounted in full view on an 8' high base. Surrounding Ei-Robot will be 12 steel spheres, each 3.5' in diameter.


See this mechanical apparatus perform a nightly spectacle at Burning Man 2018, with the hypnotic movements of a machine dance and an ongoing shower of sparks. These 3.5' spheres are carved by the machine, two per night, until all twelve are finished and set out in a glowing circle around Ei-Robot.


Check back for more images soon!

The Team

Meet the brains behind EI-Robot

Spencer Edgerton

Lead artist

Lead artist Spencer "Ranger Quicksilver" Edgerton, BFA, has been crafting metal art for 30 years, and Burning since 2005. Deep Orbit art support camp launched in 2016 to track the planetary sculptures for the Chiminea Planetaria Honorarium project. Launchpad is a new warehouse art studio, so named to get us back into Deep Orbit! Working together on rad projects keeps this group or artists, engineers, and festival organizers happy as cosmonauts!

Amanda Smith

Wearer of Hats

Amanda "Golden" Smith, wearer of many hats. Water policy scientist by day, art supporter by night. She is the treasurer and moral supporter of this project.

Liz Cameron

Metal Theorist

Liz "Scout" Cameron, a spunky metal theorist, patient teacher and the one who's always ready with that thing-you-didn't-know-you-needed.


The rest of the team!

Get Involved

You (yes, YOU) can be a part of EI-Robot!

  • Support

    Help the Ei-Robot help you create your very own art live at Burning Man 2018! The Launchpad crew needs supplemental funding for consumable welding supplies and safety gear. Thus, your contribution furthers the Human/Robot friendship alliance. Help Out Today!

  • Have an idea?

    Do you have an idea for an Artsphere that you would like to see brought to life by EI-Robot? Well, we want to hear about it!

  • Format

    We can take in the same formats as Inkscape software. From SVG, PDF, EPS, AI! Click here to learn more. Just have a concept sketch or idea? We want to hear about that too!

  • Upload

    Use the CONTACT section of this website to reach out with questions, comments, or ideas.

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