A Robot-Powered Design Competition
Deadline Dec 15

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First of all, what is We-Robot?

"We-Robot" is a diesel powered, open source, CAD/CAM/CNC art making machine. It will use plasma to cut crowd sourced designs into giant hollow steel spheres and look awesome doing it. The resulting orbs are lit from within to make a beautiful glowing sculpture.
Another cool part? Anyone can submit a design for one of the sculptures!

The Machine

The We-Robot appear as a clockwork industrial apparatus. It is a diesel-powered, open source, CAD/CAM/CNC art sphere making machine

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The Art Spheres

Four-foot diameter steel spheres, which will then be illuminated from within to become public art

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Design Your Own!

Do you have an idea for an Artsphere that you would like to see brought to life by We-Robot? Well, we want to hear about it!

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The Creators


Spencer 'Ranger Quicksilver' Edgerton

Lead artist

Spencer has been crafting metal art for 30 years, and Burning since 2005. Deep Orbit art support camp launched in 2016 to track the planetary sculptures for the Chiminea Planetaria Honorarium project. Launchpad is a new warehouse art studio, so named to get us back into Deep Orbit! Working together on rad projects keeps this group or artists, engineers, and festival organizers happy as cosmonauts!


Amanda 'Golden' Smith

Project Coordinator at Golden Productions LLC

Amanda "Golden" Smith, wearer of many hats. Water policy scientist by day, art supporter by night. She is the coordinator and partner of this project.


The WeRobot is Tucson's latest invention in support of emerging and established public artists. We are seeking your 2D designs to be carved into four-foot diameter steel spheres, which will then be illuminated from within to become public art. The top five designs will be carved in public performance then hosted by local businesses for public viewing, day or night. Please submit your final design "stencil-style" as a 1200x4800 pixel black and white .svg file to Amanda or contact us at any time for more details and submission guidelines.


We will be choosing FIVE new designs from YOUR submissions!


We're accepting a stencil-style 1200x4800 SVG file.
Download an example!

Have an Idea or Submission?

Email your questions or SVG files to Amanda!


Hurry, deadline for submissions is December 15!


Design winners will have their Artsphere displayed in Tucson, Arizona Summer 2020!

Live Show

A public performance of WeRobot carving will happen in February 2020! Stay Tuned.

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